Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is mandatory to have an active CAA membership in order to participate to the conference?

A: Yes, membership fees and registration fees are mandatory. More information regarding the CAA membership fees (renewals and how to become a member) can be found at the membership website.

Q: Are there hybrid / online options to join the conference?

A: Unfortunately, due to the costs involved at the conference venue, we are unable to offer any hybrid or online participation at the conference itself, it will be a fully in-person event.

Q: How do I get to Auckland?

A: Most travel options are listed on the Travel page, both how to get to Auckland, and how to get around with local public transport.

Q: Do you have a preferred/cheaper hotel option for this conference?

A: Unfortunately we do not have a specific hotel we can recommend but have a look on the Accommodation page for some more information.

Q: I am a student / low-income researcher, can I get financial help?

A: Bursaries to help towards the costs of attending CAA2024 will be available for students and low-income delegates through the CAA International website. See bursaries page for further details.